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To read punjabi in your phone instead of boxes you have to have a 1, PC with 7-zip installed.2,A rooted phone 3,Full flashable rom zip via root.and 2 files [I'm attaching these files in zip form please unzip it with 7-zip after download]1...Unzip your phone compatible flasable zip with 7-zip.
2..Click open the file name system. open the file naming fonts.
4.Add here [in fonts file]the file naming Lohit-Punjabi, I provided as zip form, after unzipping as said earlier .
5 for others please choose your respective language like I do with punjabi form ind-fonts unzipped file.
6 After doing this now close the file naming fonts.
7 Now click open system file as you did earlier in step 2.
8.After opening 'system' file click open the file naming 'etc'.
9 Now copy and paste[replace] here [into 'etc' file] the fallback_fonts  xml file. I have provided with. as attatchments [after unzipping attachments]
10 For others [other than punjabi] please make a small modifiction with help of notepad before copy and replace [step no.9]..i.e. when you open 
    the fallback_fonts xml file [I have provided] with notepad for editting, at the end you find words [<file lang="pa">Lohit-Punjabi.ttf</file>] change to[ <file lang=your respective lang.ttf</file>]     for example [<file  lang="or">Lohit-Oriya.ttf</file>
]                  [<file lang="mr">Lohit-Marathi.ttf</file>]
                   [<file lang="as">Lohit-Assamese.ttf</file>
]  [<file lang="gu">Lohit-Gujarati.ttf</file>]
     [<file lang="ks">Lohit-Kashmiri.ttf</file>]
         [<file lang="ne">Lohit-Nepali.ttf</file>
]                  [<file lang="sd">Lohit-Sindhi.ttf</file>
]   etc,,,etc,,,etc
11.Now carry out the step 9 [copy and paste/replace]after modifiction of fallback_fonts xml file for your respective favrout language.
12 .close above files and make a flashable zip file with 7-zip of unzipped [ modified files] files in step no 1...........HAPPY flashing your modified rom  with root ...ENJOY
For typing you can install multiling keyboard from google playstore ,for dictionary etc you can install My alpha and respective plug-in for your language....ENJOY


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How To Read/Write Punjabi in Android

How To Read/Write Punjabi in Android